Jarvis and Rheingold on Peer Production Networks

Howard Rheingold has posted an interesting response to Jeff Jarvis's equally interesting post about the relationship between "enablers" of peer production networks, users, and businesses in what seems to be a developing economic model.
The potential (and existing) exploitation of for-profit organizations of these potentially emergent systems is certainly troubling. The developments over the next few years, if not months, will determine a considerable amount.

Jarvis and Rheingold respectively:
"There are so many ways we can screw it up. Spam, hate, stupidity, and control can do that. But if everyone behaves the right way, then we create great whole larger than the sums of their parts; every capitalized entity above proves that. But we’re still trying to figure out what the rules are, what “the right way” means."

"The 'enablers' that organize themselves around economic models that depend on central 'enabler' ownership of 'IP'created by it's users are going to struggle to keep people and content within their fortress walls, and under their rules. They will eventually and inevitably be largely abandoned for systems where the "individual", the 'collective' and the 'enablers' are one and the same."